About us

Delia McCarthy BHSci(TCM) Dip.TCM CertIV TCMRM BA(FTV) BA(Eng) is a Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist and Herbalist who provides holistic health care for the whole family.

She is a government-registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), holding a Degree in Health Sciences in TCM from the University of Technology, Sydney, for which she received two Dean’s Merit awards and a High Distinction average.  She also holds a Diploma in TCM Acupressure Massage.

Delia’s philosophy of care is preventative, integrative, holistic and sustainable.

She is committed to helping people of all ages achieve good health, and has many years’ experience supporting people undergoing western medical treatments such as IVF and chemotherapy.

Her acupuncture is in the Japanese style, very painless and relaxing, and she uses it in combination with gentle Chinese herbs, nutritional supplements, massage and dietary modifications to bring the greatest benefit to her clients.

The seeds of Delia’s love of Chinese medicine were sown when she was a child growing up on her family farm in Western Australia. A childhood surrounded by the ebb and flow of the natural world gave Delia a deep respect for the natural rhythms of life.

Not that she knew it then, this experience aligned with the Taoist philosophy of living in balance with nature.  This underpins much of Chinese Medicine and is a key aspect of Delia’s therapeutic approach today.

Since 2001 Delia has immersed herself in the study and practice of Chinese Medicine.  She continues to be inspired by the philosophy and powerful practice of TCM, as she helps others achieve healthier, happier, more grounded and fulfilling lives.

Currently, Delia has a busy private practice in Sydney’s Inner West.  She is a senior practitioner at the Acupuncture Pregnancy Support Clinic in Sydney.